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Vasile Gorgos: Missing for 30 years?

Updated: Oct 12, 2021

Although this is a 30 year old case, I only first heard of it today while listening to my favorite mental-health-positive true-crime-comedy podcast. The hosts brought up this man's story which intrigued me to the point where I haven't stopped thinking about it all day and knew it was something that I wanted to dive into (as much as I could, considering the limited information that we currently have). To some, this may seem like a simple, cut and dry case considering the implications made by the facts surrounding this man's **SPOILER** safe return. For the skeptics like me, there are plenty of possibilities to explore.

In 1991, 63 year old Romanian cattle seller Vasile Gorgos told his family that he was to leave on a seemingly ordinary business trip. What was not so ordinary- he never returned home, vanishing without a trace. Of course, his family was devastated, even holding memorials for their father during the time of his disappearance. Their lives were turned upside down a second time when this year, exactly 30 years after the vanishing, the family patriarch reappeared on the front porch.

Gorgos was apparently dropped off by a car. I wasn't able to find any more information regarding the vehicle, but as this is new information I don't expect that we will be provided many details just yet. He exhibited obvious mental and memory issues, claiming that during his time away he had been "at home." However, the few details we do have so far prove to be quite mind boggling: Gorgos was wearing the exact same clothes he had worn the day he left for the ill-fated business trip, and the train ticket for that same day was still in his pocket. This unusual detail leads me to believe that he was either in captivity by an unknown party (perhaps the driver of the vehicle?) or maybe had been in prison for 30 years.

Clearly this is all speculation on my part, but with the limited information we have so far, it's at least a start. Hopefully more facts are discovered and released to the public very soon and the whereabouts of the no longer missing 93 year old man will be revealed. I will continue to follow the case and plan to update as soon as more details are released. Feel free to comment with your own ideas and speculations and let's talk!


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